Being Mary Jane 1.06/1.07 Preview: Will a Picture Ruin Mary Jane’s Relationship?


Mary Jane and Andre have had every opportunity to cease their relationship and go on about their respective lives. The secrecy that comes with being together should have been too much for them to handle, as neither one of them is able to live fully in the light, but the two feel strongly enough about one another to where they re willing to put up with the hard times for the promise of the joy and openness to come. However, Mary Jane got a taste of what she was missing when she was at the gala with David and realized that she can t go on living her life in the shadows, not when having to keep it all in is killing her inside. On tonight s episode of Being Mary Jane, Andre sees a picture of Mary Jane and David from the night of the gala and begins questioning whether she s in this for the long haul or not. He argues that he s already flipped his life upside down for her, but until his divorce is finalized, he doesn t have a leg to stand on as far as issues of fidelity and commitment, es


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