‘The Simpsons’ to get Lego Makeover


TV s most famous family will be the next to get a Lego treatment, with an all-Lego episode of The Simpsons to air May 4th. The episode, titled Brick Like Me will see Homer wake up in a new kind of Springfield one in which everyone and everything is made out of Legos.  As the episode s logline asks: “Can he ‘put together’ how he got there and somehow figure out how to get home before he is stuck in a world of bricks forever?” The special Lego episode is also the series 550th show. But wait, there s more! You can also own your own set of Simpsons Legos, with this 2,500+ piece set that includes lego versions of Homer, Marge, Lisa, Bart, Maggie and Ned Flanders.  Just be prepared for that $199.99 price tag. The Simpsons returns with two new episodes on March 9th, beginning at 7:30 PM, and beginning in August 2014 FXX will become the show s cable home and begin airing the previous 24 seasons in syndication. // The post The Simpsons to get Lego Makeover appeared first on TVHa


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