Twisted 1.13 Sneak Peeks: Does Danny Deserve a Second Chance?


For years, Danny walked around with the knowledge that he was being punished for a crime he didn t commit. That would be an awful lot to ask of an adult, let alone someone who hadn t yet reached his teenage years, especially when there was no way he could have come clean. And in a stroke of dramatic irony, Danny is now something of a killer as he inadvertently knocked Vik off a cliff, albeit in self defense, and to his death below. Still, years of being treated as an other for what he was accused of doing have taken a toll on his psyche and on the next episode of Twisted, he begins wondering whether everyone who made him feel less than was right and whether he even deserves the second chance at life that he so desperately craves. Due to Danny saving her on the cliff, Jo wants to return the favor by getting him out of Green Grove as quickly as possible. He knows that no one is going to believe their story about what actually happened, not when the police are already after him for ano


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