The Fosters 1.16 Sneak Peeks: Mariana Makes a Move on Chase


Due to feeling guilty over not taking responsibility for the missing pills, Mariana had been putting up with Kelsey s shenanigans on The Fosters, despite the fact that the latter was almost outright antagonizing her. It s understandable that Mariana felt the need to appease Kelsey, with her loneliness following Lexi s move demanding that she find someone else to spend time with, but she likely reached a breaking point when Kelsey went to the principal over the missing pills when she watched Mariana and Chase kiss while running lines. But how will Mariana respond to Kelsey using dirty tactics to bump her out of the running for Chase s affection? On the next episode of The Fosters, Mariana decides to make a move on Chase that will show him that she s interested and that she s not going to let Kelsey walk all over her anymore. Kelsey thought that by smearing Mariana s reputation, she would have Chase all to herself, Mariana too embarrassed to return to the play production. However, Maria


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