Penny Dreadful Trailer: Where is Your Master?


Showtime has released a new trailer for upcoming psychosexual thriller Penny Dreadful and as with the other material released from the project thus far, the focus is on providing striking, unsettling imagery with a decidedly gothic/horror slant rather than using much dialogue or giving an idea about the type of plot that will take place in such a sumptuous atmosphere. From John Logan (Gladiator), Sam Mendes (American Beauty), and Pippa Harris (Revolutionary Road), Penny Dreadful will bring together several classic literary characters, including the likes of Dorian Gray and Dr. Victor Frankenstein, in Victorian London to dissect themes of alienation and what it truly means to be a monster. The first two episodes of the next Showtime original drama will be directed by Juan Antonio Bayona (The Impossible). Penny Dreadful stars Josh Hartnett (Black Hawk Down) as American Ethan Chandler, who touches the darkness that festers in London; Eva Green (Camelot) as seductive and forceful hero


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