Looking 1.05 Sneak Peek: Patrick Takes a Sick Day to Spend Time with Richie


Following the unexpected break with Richie, Patrick s fear of opening himself up and being rejected led him to lead a false life with Kevin. He was able to get the connection that he needed without the responsibility and the pressure of being in a relationship; Kevin and he would spend their time together flirting and getting to know one another and then Kevin would go home to his boyfriend, allowing Patrick to get the positive aspects of a relationship without the weight of keeping his end of the bargain hanging over his head. While he might not have been ready for something serious after what happened with Richie, and due to only having one semi-serious relationship in the past, attaching himself to Kevin wasn t what he needed to do in order to heal emotionally and ready himself for the chance to be with someone. On the next episode of Looking, Patrick calls in sick and spends the day traveling around San Francisco with Richie. The two found each other again at Stud the night after


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