Bitten 1.06 Sneak Peek: Daniel Warns Elena About Clay


If Elena had known how to leave the pack before now, she would have already separated herself from her life at Stonehaven and gone on to a life of photography and Philip in Toronto. However, she doesn t know how to get around the responsibility she feels for Jeremy and the like, a responsibility that has disrupted the peaceful existence she built for herself ever since she left the compound and went off on her own, so she can running when she was summoned by the Alpha. What Elena didn t count on when she arrived back at Stonehaven is how strong her loyalties to the pack still are and how entrenched she would become in the world she thought she left behind. On the next episode of Bitten, Daniel tracks Elena down in Toronto and warns her about the state that Clay finds himself in following her absence. He s reverted back to the violent, vindictive man that he was before Elena returned to Stonehaven and Daniel claims that the danger he currently poses to all those around him could f


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